About Team Rohr

Powerlifting Training, Programs, and Events

What we do

Team Rohr specializes in all things powerlifting, from organizing meets and seminars to training and programming. We coach lifters of all levels, from beginner powerlifters all the way up to IPF World Champions.

Our programming is 100% customized for each individual to maximize results for each client.

In-Person Powerlifting Coaching

We have locations in Duluth, GA and Atlanta, GA for in-person training.

Online Powerlifting Coaching

We offer online programming/video coaching for those that aren’t able to train in person.

Powerlifting Meets & Events

We host powerlifting meets and coaching seminars.

Meet Your Coaches

Team Rohr’s coaches are dedicated to helping you achieve your powerlifting goals.

Coach Josh Rohr

Founder, USA Powerlifting Certified Senior International Coach, 3x USA Powerlifting National Champ

Josh is a world-class athlete and coach. He is a USA Powerlifting Certified Senior International Coach and a member of the USA Powerlifting Executive Committee.

As a coach, he has trained 10+ USA Powerlifting National Champions, multiple National Team Members, and several IPF World Champions.

As an athlete, Josh is a three-time USA Powerlifting National Champion and former Collegiate American Record deadlift holder in the 165 pound weight class. He has competed at IPF World Championships three times.

Coach Lara Sturm

IPF World Champion, USAPL Club Coach, CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainer

In 2012, when picking up heavy stuff started to really get fun, Lara decided to try competing in a USAPL Powerlifting meet. She got hooked from the start and has now holds over 20 state records and two American Records.

In 2014 Lara won the title of World Champion by competing at the IPF World Masters Championships in Pilsen, Czech Republic.

She is a CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainer as well as a USAPL Club Coach and USAPL State Referee.

Coach Wade Johnson

IPF Masters Equipped Worlds Gold Medalist, USS Strongman Masters Nationals Winner

Wade is a 3 strength sport athlete, coach and owner of the Ogre Compound in Mt Juliet TN which is a private strength gym that trains Powerlifting, strongman and Olympic weightlifting, as well as strength and conditioning for other athletes.

He has won national and world meets in the USA Powerlifting, IPF, NASA, SPF, WPA-APA, WNPF with a few best lifters sprinkled in there.

Daria Fratangeli

B.S. Exercise Science, USAPL Certified Club Coach, NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Daria has been in the fitness scene since 2015, notorious for being a “gym rat” and spending a majority of her spare time lifting. During fall of 2019, she became a competitive powerlifter for the University of Pittsburgh until she graduated in Spring 2021 with her Bachelor’s in Exercise Science. During her time in college, she found herself beginning to fall in love with not just being a powerlifter, but being a coach.

About The Team

Team Rohr is made up of a diverse group of athletes. Our goal is to foster a results-driven, fun, and supportive community.




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Why Join Team Rohr

As a part of Team Rohr, you will not only receive high level powerlifting coaching services but you will have a chance to connect with other lifters.

There are seven coach-run group training sessions each week, with sessions in both the morning and evening to accommodate various schedules.

You will also be invited to join the private Team Rohr Facebook group and participate in online round tables.

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