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…a competitive powerlifter who wants to reach the next level?
…a new powerlifter interested in increasing your max lifts?
…preparing for a meet and need a coach to help you succeed?
…in need of training partners to help push you competitively?
…a strength coach who needs help teaching technique and making your athletes stronger?

Yes? Then Team Rohr Is For You.

About Our Powerlifting Training Program Options

Our programs train the three powerlifting disciplines: squat, bench press, and deadlift. Our main goal is to increase your 1RM (1-rep max) in the 3 lifts to help you hit PR’s on the platform!

We work with athletes of all levels. Whether you’re a beginner powerlifter or a seasoned veteran we will tailor your program to you for maximum progress.

Lifters can train with us in person in metro Atlanta, or remotely through our online powerlifting coaching options.

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In-Person Powerlifting Training

We offer individual and group training sessions in Decatur and Duluth, GA. Group training sessions are held Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each week.

Online Powerlifting Coaching

We offer online programming and coaching for those who can’t get into one of the Atlanta area locations. We provide virtual group training sessions through live video coaching on Monday and Wednesday each week.

Team Rohr Powerlifting App

Access programs from Team Rohr’s expert coaches, and enjoy a superior user experience with our mobile app. Upload videos, track your training and share progress with your social accounts.

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Other Coaching Services


Meet Coaching

We can coach and handle you through powerlifting meets.

Equipment Expertise

We can provide guidance on the best gear for your needs.

Powerlifting Seminars

We can travel to you to lead a powerlifting seminar.

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