What Our Lifters Are Saying

I teamed up with Josh about a year ago and have had great results. I am stronger, more toned, and doing things I never thought I could do. Josh has wisdom and experience well beyond his years. I recommend Josh as a personal trainer to anyone that is seeking results.


Josh is an excellent trainer! He is professional, creative and a great motivator. I gained muscle and lost fat and never got bored. I found myself doing things I NEVER thought I could do!


I’m 46 years old and train alone. I was preparing for my first Powerlifting meet and was confused on what was needed to construct a suitable training program. Josh provided the perfect roadmap. Running an eight-week training cycle, Josh configured a personalized program that addressed my weaknesses, improved my lifts and peaked my body for maximum performance. As a result, I set personal records in all three lifts on the platform. I would highly recommend Josh to anyone serious about strength training.

Scott Z.

I worked with Josh for about 6 months twice a week. Given his power lifting background we did lifts I would not have tried on my own because I would not have known the proper form. Working with Josh gave me the knowledge and confidence to really try new and challenging workouts. We changed the workouts from circuit routines to pure basic lifting workouts. This variety kept things interesting and really pushed me. Josh is tough!!! But he respects and understands his clients limits and abilities.

Patrick M.


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